23 March 2016
Another new order for Aco Clarimar MF-2



Sewage Treatment Plant ACO Clarimar MF-2

We secured another unit of ACO Clarimar MF-2 to treat gravity black water for 40 pax on board a cruise ship which is being converted from a diving support vessel. 
The new ACO Clarimar MF range of biological sewage treatment plants incorporate ACO-MF filtration using the ACO patented “Bio-Sword Technology” with disposable ultra-low cost ‘bio-socks’ to replace conventional settling and chlorination stages. This technology dramatically increases performance whilst at the same time reducing overall size and weight.
Chlorination and de-chlorination of the treated effluent is no longer required as the MF bio-sock material effectively restricts the passage of faecal coliforms overboard to far below the stipulated IMO limits. UV sterilisation unit is used to remove any residual coliforms for installations where treated effluent water is to be stored on board for use as technical fresh water. This is intended to prevent any re-growth of coliform bacteria during storage on board.

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