Valve Actuators

Valve Actuation Solutions

The following features a list of solutions for valve actuation.


Our Mactuator Series work with standard quarter-turn limit switches to provide position feedback signal for multi-turn valves without using electric actuator, resulting in substantial cost saving.

Our unique design allows it to be secured completely by mechanical clamping without hot work, which is easy to mount on site as an afterthought solution for standard gate and globe valves.

With weather-proof construction and robust mechanism that guarantees low operating torque, our Mactuator provides you complete peace of mind with extended period of trouble-free operation.





Our Hydraulic Extendle Series provide a manual alternative to standard Valve Remote Control (VRC) System. It is often used as redundant manual control for critical valves at remote locations.

Our transmitter is fully-enclosed, complete with position indication that is highly visible from a distance. The types of hydraulic actuators are the same as those found in standard VRC Systems. They can be used to manually operate quarter-turn and multi-turn valves from afar, with option to provide position feedback signal using common limit switches.

The advantages of our Hydraulic Extendle over mechanical reach rod system are as follows:
⇒ Shorter operating time due to lesser number of turn
⇒ Significant cost saving for remote valve located far away (above 15 meters) or for cases where the line of control goes through many twists & turns






Our Quarter-turn Rack & Pinion Pneumatic Actuator provides long life service without maintenance.

Standard actuator comes with strong protection against corrosions through the use of:
- Hard Anodized Aluminium Body
- Electroless Nickel Plated Pinion
- Epoxy Coated End Caps
- Stainless Steel Bolts, Studs & Nuts

Manual Override Gearbox , featuring high performance bearings and rugged polyurethane coating, provides reliable operation for double acting and spring return actuator. 3/2 relief valve can be fitted to automatically evacuate air pressure from actuator while engaging the manual override.






Our Cast Iron Deck Stand, an attractive alternative to JIS F 3024, comes with loads of additional features to provide extended period of trouble-free operation. This includes:

  1. Tailor-made thread profile to provide at least 50mm of travelling distance for position indicator
  2. Cover plates to prevent deposit of foreign particles onto the threaded section of the stem
  3. Two pieces of check rings made of brass (instead of steel) to secure the stem and ensure smooth turning
  4. The upper check ring is machined with step collar to reduce the area of contact for lower operating torque

Standard graphite packing material can be changed to PTFE where non-contamination of the product is required (e.g. foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals).




Our Submersible Gearbox features the following properties for prolonged submersion:

  1. Water-tight stainless steel housing for input shaft either with O-Rings, or Adjustable Gland Packing
  2. Stainless steel cap with O-Ring for stop adjustment screw
  3. NBR 70 gasket material
  4. Sealed position indicator
  5. Powder / polyurethane-coated finish
  6. Blind-tapped PCD’s





Chainwheel for Valve Remote Operation

Our adjustable Chain Wheel provides an easy and economical solution to operate valves in high, normally out-of-reach locations. It can be attached to valve hand wheel of any size, ranging from 2 to 36 inches in diameter.

Constructions can be in ductile iron, aluminium, bronze or stainless steel, with different surface preparation such as galvanization and epoxy coating. 



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