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ACO Clarimar MF® - Sewage Treatment Plants


IMO has adopted RESOLUTION MEPC.227(64) with revised guidelines for effluent standards and performance test procedures for sewage treatment plants.
These guidelines, adopted in October 2012, which supersede resolution MEPC.159(55), include the standards of section 4.2 that specifically apply to passenger ships operating in MARPOL Annex IV special areas and which intend to discharge treated sewage effluent into the sea.
The ACO Clarimar MF® range of sewage treatment plants are fully certified by Bureau Veritas (BV) to IMO MEPC.227(64) [excluding §4.2]. 
Manufacturing, Test and Quality Management are certified to ISO9001:2009 / ISO 9001:2008 and EC MED Module D.
The ACO Clarimar MF® biological sewage treatment plant incorporates ACO-MF filtration technology eliminating the requirement for settling and chlorination stages. Disinfection of the treated effluent is by in-line mounted UV lamp with no requirement for chemicals in any part of the ACO MF process.
The unique properties of the ACO ‘bio-sword’ allow operation with bio-mass concentrations in the activation chamber up to four times higher than those of conventional settling type sewage treatment plants. By operating at such high concentrations, a greatly reduced activation tank volume is achieved with a significant reduction in both the footprint and maintenance envelope requirement.





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