Manually Operated Valves

We supply a wide range of valves and actuators for diverse applications. Supported by reputable manufacturers with proven track record, we help our clients strike the right balance in meeting their requirement in terms of specification, budget and lead time. With knowledge and experience gained over the years, our unique selling proposition lies on our ability to provide strong technical support in our pre-sales and after-sales services .


Gate Valve

Gate Valve is designed to be either fully opened or closed. It is not suitable for throttling, as the flow path is enlarged in a highly nonlinear manner with respect to the percentage of opening. Gate valve has no obstruction in the flow path at open position. It is often used in straight line flow of fluid where minimum restriction is desired.

Bronze Gate Valve Class 150 Steel Gate Valve Class 150
Ductile Iron Gate Valve Class 150
Globe Valve

Globe Valve is used for regulating flow in a pipeline and is commonly found in applications where frequent operation is required. It consists of a movable disc and a stationary ring seat in a generally spherical body. The two halves of the body are separated by an internal baffle which restricts flow. It is therefore not recommended where full, unobstructed flow is required.

Bronze Globe Valve Class 150 Steel Globe Valve Class 150
Ductile Iron Globe Valve Class 150
Check Valve - Swing Type

Check Valve allows fluid to flow through it in only one direction. It operates automatically without any external control. There are various types of check valves grouped according to their internal mechanism. The most common type is Swing Check Valve which has a movable disc that swings on a hinge either onto the seat to block reverse flow or off the seat to allow forward flow.

Bronze Swing Check Valve Class 150 Steel Swing Check Valve Class 150
Check Valve - Dual-Plate Type

For pipeline with vertical upward flow path, Dual Plate Check Valve is often used. The disc consists of 2 pieces of plates secured on a hinge pin by tensioned springs. The valve only remains open in the inflowing direction. The disc is normally shut until there is sufficient pressure to crack it open, which gives rise to the term ‘Cracking Pressure’ (minimum upstream pressure at which the valve will operate).

Steel Dual Check Class 150 Ductile Iron Dual Check Class 150
Ball Valve

Ball Valve uses a spherical disc to control the flow through it. It allows flow when the port, or hole, through the middle of the sphere is in line with both ends of the valve. It blocks flow when the port is perpendicular to the ends of the valve. The lever operator, being in-line with the port position, works as a position indicator.

Brass Ball Valve Class 150 WCB Ball Valve Class 150
Butterfly Valve

Butterfly Valve is used for isolating or regulating flow. The closing mechanism takes the form of a disc in the center of the pipe through which a rod is connected to an actuator outside the valve. Butterfly valve has lighter weight (less support required), shorter face-to-face distance (save space) and is inexpensive (particularly for larger sizes). For high pressure or critical service applications, high performance butterfly valve is often used. It features a slight offset in the way the disc is positioned, which increases the valve's sealing ability and decreases its tendency to wear.

Wafer Butterfly Valve - Pneumatic Actuator Wafer Butterfly Valve - Lever
Lug Butterfly Valve – Worm Gearbox

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